Spellex Corporation announces the new release of the 2008 version of their popular veterinary spelling software for Microsoft and other programs. The new release includes more than 52,000 specialty words from the animal healthcare industry and new spelling engine enhancements.

Benefits: The Spellex Veterinary spelling dictionary allows users to save time and increase their accuracy. By adding Spellex Veterinary to your Microsoft or WordPerfect program, your spell checker will provide correct spelling choices for incorrectly spelled veterinary terminology. The veterinary spell checker also allows users to look up unsure spelling of veterinary words by phonetic or typographical search without leaving their document. The regular Microsoft or WordPerfect spelling dictionary and the Spellex dictionary are spell checked simultaneously with one mouse click.

Spellex Corporation has added more than 20 Customer-Driven enhancements to their Spellex Veterinary 2008 spell check program, including upgrades and updates to the veterinary dictionary, spelling engine, registration program, and installation program.

Features: Spellex Veterinary 2008 is a comprehensive animal healthcare reference that now adds more than 52,000 veterinary terms from specialties ranging from Avian medicine to Zoonotic diseases.

Spellex Veterinary 2008 includes the newest comprehensive pharmacologic - therapeutic classifications and FDA approved animal drug names including proprietary names, generic drugs, OTC and prescription pharmaceuticals, discontinued drugs, active ingredients, drug manufacturers, and much more.

Users can subscribe to the Spell-X-VetPlusTM software subscription service to receive quarterly software updates of new veterinary terms and new medications.

Spellex dictionaries are compatible with Microsoft, most Windows programs, developer tools, custom applications, Web browsers, and are available in US English or UK English.

To request product information, contact Spellex Corporation at 800-442-WORD or 813-792-7000. You can also visit spellex/products/vet.htm.

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