UroToday- In 1998 Ito conducted one of the first surveys of BPS/IC in Japan and found a prevalence of only 2 per 100,000 patients, one of the lowest reported in the world. Dr. Ito, with Drs. Ueda, Homma, and Takei from Tokyo, Kyoto, and Fukuoka have revisited the current trends in patients with diagnosed BPS/IC in their country and reported some interesting findings.

Their study was based on 282 BPS/IC patients that the authors had diagnosed and treated recently. The gender ratio was 1 male to 5.6 females. The average patient age was almost 53 years. The average delay in diagnosis from symptom onset was just over 3 years. Patients generally had been evaluated by 2 institutions before a diagnosis was made. Pelvic surgery and recurrent urinary tract infections were common antecedents to BPS/IC. Ninety per cent of patients complained of urinary frequency and 62% complained of urgency. Just over one half of patients did not complain of bladder pain, which is a very interesting finding. Average bladder capacity under anesthesia was 523cc. The average O'Leary Sant symptom score was 12.5 and problem score 13.2. Common treatments included hydrodistention, oral Suplatast tosilate, antihistamine, and intravesical dimethyl sulfoxide. The results of two large multicenter randomized controlled trials of Suplatast tosilate using different doses of the medication are expected in the near future and will determine the fate of the medication for treatment of BPS/IC in the United States and Europe.

Urinalysis was generally normal and average voided volume was about 100cc. Glomerulations were seen in one half of patients and ulcer was identified in 10%. The authors expect that a national epidemiologic study will be undertaken in Japan in the future.

Ito T, Ueda T, Honma Y, Takei M

Int J Urol, 14(12):1068-1070, December 2007

Reported by UroToday Contributing Editor Philip Hanno, M.D

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