Research in the field of stem cell therapy has exploded over the last few years. Stem cells are immature, unprogrammed cells that have the ability to grow into different kinds of tissue. Recent studies have shown that stem cell therapies offer real hope for the treatment of a wide range of diseases such as leukemia, diabetes, spinal cord injury, heart damage, brain damage, blood cell formation and even hair loss.

As a result of current findings, major initiatives are being conducted by large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, research establishments and universities around the world, to develop stem cell therapies in regenerative medicine. Unfortunately the demand for stem cells outstrips the supply. One of the bottlenecks in this rapidly expanding industry and ultimate commercialization is the ability to deliver sufficient supply of stem cells to advance these programs. Currently there are a vast number of stem cells lost in the process of cultivation, storage, transportation and recovery from cryopreservation.

ProtoKinetix (OTCBB:PKTX) reports that repeated tests have confirmed that the addition of AAGP™ to the cryopreservation process more than doubles the useable inventory of these very delicate and valuable cells.

About ProtoKinetix

ProtoKinetix Inc is a biotechnology company that has developed and patented a family of synthetic anti-aging glycoproteins (AAGP™) for medicine and the biotechnology and cosmetic industries. PKTX is currently in dialogue with major corporations and institutions who have contacted the company about the broad range of applications for AAGP™ products.

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