Barlow Respiratory Hospital announces the opening of the NYX Sleep Disorders Center on its Los Angeles campus, providing much-needed diagnostic services to determine when individuals suffer from sleep-related problems affecting their work, family life, health and even breathing functions essential for life.

Among the more than 80 known sleep disorders, most can be managed effectively once they are correctly diagnosed. The most common sleep disorders include insomnia, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, and narcolepsy. These and other sleep disorders can all be diagnosed at the NYX Sleep Disorders Center at Barlow's Los Angeles campus, where patients undergo overnight sleep studies to monitor signs and ascertain their cause.

"A good night's rest and proper breathing during sleep are more essential to life and daily functioning than we give them credit," says Dr. Ronald Popper, clinical director of the new sleep disorder center. "A variety of sleep disorders go undiagnosed and untreated, creating a host of problems for those who suffer from them."

Losing a bed partner to snoring or restlessness, falling asleep while driving or during a meeting, loss of energy and morning headaches are just some of the signs of sleeping-related problems. Once a diagnosis is made, the patient can be treated, which can significantly improve their quality of life or even save their life.

Sleep apnea, the most severe and widespread disorder, involves difficulty breathing and, for some, breathing cessation while asleep. "Even conditions that seem harmless, such as snoring, negatively impact health and performance and can benefit considerably from diagnosis and treatment," Dr. Popper says.

Depending on the condition, treatment options may include prescription medication, relaxation training, diet change, exercise routine, dental appliances, airway masks and devices, surgery, or simple modifications to sleep position.

The partnership with NYX Sleep Disorders Center provides added support and services for patients of Barlow Respiratory Hospital, says Barlow CEO Margaret Crane. It also makes available diagnostic services that are not easily available in the Los Angeles area.

"This is a natural partnership because the diagnosis for sleep disorders often involves breathing troubles, and our area of expertise is in treating respiratory illnesses," says Crane.
More than 40 million Americans each year suffer from chronic, long-term sleep disorders, and an additional 20 million experience occasional sleeping problems. Sleep deprivation caused by these disorders interferes with work, family, and social activities. These disorders also account for an estimated $16 billion in medical costs annually.

"Despite the frequency of sleep-related problems, there is a lack of adequate diagnostic facilities in the Los Angeles area," Crane says. "Barlow partnered with NYX Sleep Disorders Center, an established, reputable sleep center with multiple Southern California locations, in order to make such a facility available to our patients and the surrounding community."

Patients must be referred by a physician to be admitted to the sleep center. They may be experiencing difficulty when falling or staying asleep at night, snoring, snorting and holding their breath while asleep, feeling restless at night, excessive sleepiness during the day, or falling asleep during daytime activities. The sleep center also admits children. Sleep disorder symptoms unique to children include hyperactivity, decreased physical and mental growth, nightmares, sleep terrors, sleepwalking and talking, and bed wetting, in addition to the adult symptoms.

On the evening of the sleep study, patients arrive at the Sleep Center at 9:45 p.m and wear their sleep clothes. A technician applies sensors and explains the overnight procedure. Various functions are monitored throughout the night, including brain waves, eye movements, oxygen levels, and heart rate and breathing patterns. A physician board-certified in Sleep Medicine reviews the test results and provides recommendations, which are sent to the patient's physician within a few days.

Easily accessible, next-door to Dodger Stadium near Downtown Los Angeles, the new Sleep Center at Barlow provides a local option for physicians and their patients requiring diagnostic services for a variety of sleep disorders. Medicare and most major insurers cover services provided by the sleep center. Patients should always review their insurer's policy to be certain of the covered benefits.

To learn more about the NYX Sleep Disorders Center at Barlow Respiratory Hospital in Los Angeles, call 866-699-7533 to speak with an NYX representative. Physicians can also call or email email protected from spam bots to arrange a visit from an NYX representative.

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