Coloplast announced today the first U.S. patient training with its new Titan® inflatable penile prosthesis with One-Touch Release (OTR) pump for men with erectile dysfunction who do not respond to traditional ED drug therapy.

"Coloplast is excited to launch the first true one-touch release penile implant that is designed for ease of patient training," said Jan Rolin Frederiksen, President, Coloplast-North America.

A majority of prostate cancer survivors who have undergone prostate removal surgery suffer the inability to have an erection due to nerve damage. A penile implant may be a viable alternative for these men because it is suggested that only 10 percent of men who undergo a non-nerve sparing radical prostatectomy surgery can benefit from oral ED therapy.(a)

"We are excited about the promise of bringing this new feature to the thousands of U.S. men whose quality of life will improve greatly as a result of this therapy," said Dr. Christopher P. Steidle, who conducted the first U.S. surgical implant of Titan OTR in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Dr. Steidle, principal researcher for Northeast Indiana Research, said: "Previous generations of these devices often were found difficult to use by patients because they had problems identifying the inflate/deflate controls. The Titan OTR is designed with pronounced deflate pads that will make learning by my patients, and training by our staff, much easier."

"Our first implant has been conducted with positive results clinically for the patient by restoring his ability to have a sustained erection," Dr. Steidle said. "The Titan OTR device is designed to emulate the look and performance of a natural erection. And the easier-to-use system aids greatly in achieving this goal."

Dr. J. Antonio Alarcon, with Alarcon Urology Center in Monterey Park, Calif., said that of the various implants he has used during his career, the Titan OTR device is very natural-looking in terms of aesthetic appearance. "The pump has a non-bulky, low-profile size so it -- as well as the complete Titan system -- is not even noticeable outside of the body. We implant it in a way that the deflate touch pads move in a pendulum fashion -- accessible when a patient wants to activate them, and back when not in use. Also, the fact that this pump can be controlled with only one-hand by a patient is a revolutionary design enhancement," Dr. Alarcon said.

The Coloplast Titan® OTR model received top clinician preference ratings in a comparative study against competitive models, according to a clinical study reported in the April 2008 edition of UROLOGIC NURSING.(b)

The study concluded that the Coloplast device was preferred by more practitioners in this in-vitro setting as the model-of-choice regarding its ease of use.

The Titan® OTR model penile implants are manufactured by Coloplast.

About Coloplast

Coloplast is a leading medical device company developing, manufacturing and selling continence care, urologic specialty, and wound and skin care products. With the U.S. headquarters in Minneapolis, Coloplast employs more than 6,000 people in 30 countries around the world. The company's Web site is usloplast and straighttalk.

(a) Male Sexual Function, A guide to Clinical Management (2nd edition), p. 143, Humana Press.

(b) Quallich, Ohl "Evaluation of Three Penile Prosthesis Pump Designs in a Blinded survey of Practitioners" Urology Nursing Journal, April 2008.


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