Founded in 1921 thanks to Capitain W. S. Bainbridge, MD (US Navy) and Commander Medical Officer J. Voncken (Belgique), the International Committee of Military Medicine wants to improve the cooperation between all military health services around the wolrd. The first International Congress of Military Medicine and Pharmacy was held on July 21st 1921 in Brussels. The founding countries were Belgium, Brazil, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the United States of America.

- Since then, ICMM has always gathered Health Services stemmed from all political blocs, even during the worst period of the Cold War.

- On May 21st, a cooperation agreement was signed with the World Health Organization (WHO) which recognised the Committee as an "international body specialised in medico-military matters". ICMM works in with international organizations like WHO, ONUAIDS and OIE (Organization for Animal Health).

- ICMM is a international non political organization, whose headoffice is in Belgium and has more than an hundred states as members worlwide.

- The Committee provides a discussion forum opened to all military health services to share knowledge in military and medical matters.

ICMM aims to reinforce the worlwide cooperation between health services of the armed forces. To do so, world and regional congresses as courses and trainings (International Law of Armed Conflicts, veterinary and paraveterinary, ...) are regularly held by the Committee.

ICMMs activities touch all sectors of military medicine :

- Screening personnel
- Medicine within military units
- Surgey in field operations
- Emergency medicine
- Disaster response
- Public health
- Dentistry
- Pharmacy
- Veterinary science
- Administration and medical logistic training

ICMMs objectives are :

- Maintain and strengthen cooperation between Medical Services of the States members

- Promote scientific and military medical activities

- Provide where it is necessary the best practices and standards which Member States can aim for

- Develop medical and military medical recommendations for humanitarian operations

- Range from Armed Forces humanitarian interventions during peacekeeping operations

- Facilitate relations between Health Services of ICMM States members and international organizations such as the World Health Organization.

International Committee of Military Medicine (ICMM)

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