Dr. Robert Jones, an Oakville, Ontario hair transplant doctor is undergoing his own transplant procedure. Performed by his team of medical personnel and using a technique perfected by Jones himself, the doctor is on day three of his second hair transplant procedure and is chronicling his experience in a daily blog with pictures. Interested individuals are invited to follow the procedure on his website.

To demonstrate the ease of the procedure and the natural results, Dr. Jones is making every stage of his treatment public. For the next ten days, Jones will post photos and videos as well as his own personal thoughts detailing the actual procedure and his post-operation condition. This inside look into the process of hair transplantation will be available weekly for the next six weeks and every two weeks thereafter.

Now on day three Dr. Jones reports "the pictures show that the procedure is getting more difficult to detect, even this soon after post-op." Jones even reports on feeling some pain in the hair donor area and offers his advice for alleviating any discomfort. Readers of Jones' online journal are invited to post comments or questions such as "Can we see pictures of the donor area?" This interactive capacity allows for Jones to give timely and personal responses to the questions and concerns of interested parties.

Dr. Jones was the first doctor in North America to practice micro follicular unit extraction. Since 2002, Dr.Jones has been performing this scalpel and stitch -free procedure known as the "Jones Technique." This advanced method of hair transplantation allows the moving of individual hair follicles from less noticeable areas to the scalp.

Dr. Jones is board certified by the American Board of Hair Transplant Surgery.

For more information: torontohairdoctor or Contact: 1-866-669-6676

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