The American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP) is pleased to announce the development of its new home dialysis options magazine, At Home with AAKP, a FREE publication, was developed to address the growing need for more information about home dialysis treatment options and will begin distribution in September.

It is estimated 20 million Americans have chronic kidney disease (CKD), of which 400,000 are receiving some form of dialysis treatment. AAKP believes At Home with AAKP is an essential educational tool needed to reach a population in the kidney community that is desperately seeking more information.

"At Home with AAKP is an important part of AAKP's outreach and will be the only nationwide magazine specifically targeting those who are interested in or currently receiving dialysis at home," says AAKP Executive Director/CEO Kris Robinson. "We believe if more patients know about home treatment options, more patients would give home treatment serious consideration."

The magazine will cover a variety of topics including:

-- Options for home dialysis
-- Patient profiles
-- Nutrition and cooking tips
-- Traveling with your dialysis machine
-- Taking care of your family
AAKP is pleased to partner with NxStage and DaVita to bring patients this FREE and informative magazine.

Register today to receive At Home with AAKP by sending an email to infoaakp. You can also register online on the AAKP Web site, or call the National office at 800-749-AAKP.

AAKP is the voluntary, patient organization, which for more than 35 years, has been dedicated to improving the lives of fellow kidney patients and their families by helping them deal with the physical, emotional and social impact of kidney disease. The programs offered by AAKP inform and inspire patients and their families to better understand their condition, adjust more readily to their circumstances, and assume more normal, productive lives in their communities.


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